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Canine Influenza Alert

Dog owners beware; During the summer of 2015 we had a major outbreak of canine influenza (H3N2) here in Rapid City. We had hundreds of dogs sick with some deaths, pet related businesses were closed for 2 weeks, and no vaccine was available to help.

We are happy to announce the arrival and availability of the canine influenza vaccines. We have two strains H3N2 and H3N8 to protect against the two known strains in dogs with no cross protections between them. Dogs need 2 doses of each vaccines given 3 weeks apart followed by an annual booster.

Vaccines protection for canine influenza is now available. Protect your dog from this devastating respiratory disease. Protect your dog prior to boarding or grooming in 2016.

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P.S. We also have the Rattlesnake Vaccine available!

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