Wellness Plans

Why Wellness Plans?

Wellness Plans are our “Prescription for Prevention,” proactively managing your pet’s preventive health care.

The Wellness Plan (WP) is a comprehensive package of very specific preventive health care services for your pet.  The WP choices are designed for the various life stages of your pet, from youngsters through adults and into their senior years.  WP’s help us to partner together with you to provide your pet with the highest quality care, at the most affordable prices, highlighting the preventive health care your pet needs.

No longer do you have to pick and choose your way through the preventive care items for your pet, juggling your budget with the health care needs for your pet.  Our WP’s are annual prepackaged agreements to provide the preventive health care your pet needs for every life stage.  Health care is expensive and WP’s help to provide a way to make your pet’s healthcare more affordable.

Choosing a WP gives you a 40% discount on each plans specific services package.  You can choose the annual payment or monthly installments.  Other great WP features include:  All office visits at TLC are FREE for your entire plan year.  You will receive a 10% discount on other non-plan services, diagnostics, and medical treatments (Rx diets are not included.)

A Wellness Plan for every Life Stage!


At TLC, we offer:
6 options for Canine Wellness Plans.
5 options for Feline Wellness Plans.