Digital Radiology

Radiographs are an important part of diagnostic imaging in our veterinary practice. Our in house Digital Radiograph machine provides images that can be visualized immediately on a computer screen. TLC Pet Hospital can provide X-rays for dogs, cats, and exotic pets. X-ray images allow our veterinarians to examine the body for injury or disease. Not only used for bones, radiographs provide examination of the heart, lungs, and abdominal organs. Radiographs are often the first step of diagnostic imaging with which our veterinarians  can either make a diagnosis, or direct the client to a specialist. Radiographs are quick, painless, and economical.

Canine x ray of a broken leg bone
“Broken Leg on a Canine”

X ray of Foreign object inside dog's tummy
‘Foreign Object” Can you find three rubber ducks?
X ray of pregnant dog with 3 puppies
“A litter of 3 puppies.”