Massage Therapy

How about a massage for your dog?

Canine massage has its roots in human massage therapy.  Many of us have had massage work done to ourselves, so we know how nice it can feel, and the benefits we have afterwards.   Our dogs can respond in the same way the human body does to massage.

Our dogs are like us in that they can have muscle stiffness or soreness.  Sometimes this is due to repetitive motions, a brand-new activity, or by being a “weekend warrior” and just not in ideal physical shape.  Even our most fit canine athletes can have muscle tension.  In these scenarios, from the athlete to the couch potato, to the dog owner that just wants to indulge and pamper them, canine massage can do great things for your dog.

Some of the benefits of canine massage include:
– Improved circulation
– Maintaining and improving muscle tone
– Maintaining and improving flexibility
– Decreasing muscle and joint pain
– Stimulating the lymphatic system
– Reducing stress and anxiety
– Recovery after exercise
– Supporting overall health and well being

Canine Massage cannot take the place of proper veterinary care, especially when dealing with an injury, but it is a modality that has a place in conjunction with other treatment and therapies to help restore health to your pet.

Heather Jenner with Paws for Massage offers massage therapy for all types of dogs, canine athletes, show dogs, puppies and seniors.  Appointments can be made directly through her by emailing or by calling 605-415-4069.

Heather is a RVT (Registered Veterinary Technician) and completed the Canine Massage training course through the  Lang Institute of Canine Massage.  We are very pleased to have Heather on our team!