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 Aubrey Humes

Aubrey with her dogs Mab and boxer Gaston
Aubrey with Mab & Gaston

I graduated from high school in Pennsylvania and joined the Army straight out of high school.  I chose a job as an Animal Care Specialist because I have always wanted to work with animals, especially the Military Working Dogs. I took care of the animals when I was stationed in Texas, Colorado, and South Korea.  When I got out of the Army, I continued to travel with my husband, and earned my Veterinary Assistant certification in Colorado before we landed in Rapid City.  I have been working in the veterinary field for almost 8 years and love every part of my job.  Before joining the tam at TLC Pet Hospital, I was seeing patients in the clinic on Ellsworth Air Force Base.

I enjoy being able to give new pet owners all of the pertinent information they will need to give their puppy or kitten the most fulfilling and healthiest lifestyle possible.  I strive to provide the best care for my patients and their owners while listening to their needs and desires for their pet.  When not a work, I enjoy spending time with my two dogs, two cats and yard full of chickens.

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