Customer Service

Madelynn Boam, Client Communications


I was born in Farmington, NM. I didn’t stay in New Mexico for long though and I’ve lived pretty much everywhere in the west. Out of all of the places I have lived though, South Dakota is by far my favorite. I’ve really made myself at home with the wonderful wilderness surrounding the area.

I am still a high school student; however, I graduate this year. I’ve been very fortunate to work at TLC and enjoy every second of working as a receptionist. Doctor Teets has been very understanding about my work, school, life balance and has helped me along every second of the way.

I plan to get my Masters in Nuclear Physics at The University of Lincoln in Nebraska. I’ve already been accepted into the university with honors. In terms of school, I am in the top 1% of Stevens High School and have taken almost every advanced placement course that Stevens has to offer.

I do love to work with animals even though I am a physics head. I have two guinea pigs of my own, Thomas and Augustine, and can’t wait to get a dog once I’m done with my degree. I was offered the idea of working at TLC from my aunt who was a vet tech at the time.

Outside of TLC, I am involved in the Stevens High School German Club, the Stevens Joint AP Design Group, and I tutor students in math and science. Outside of school, I am very passionate about hiking, drawing, reading, and playing Dungeons and Dragons with a small group of friends.

If you come to the clinic and get me started talking about any of those things, I won’t stop until it’s time to close the clinic. I hope to see you and your furry critters at TLC

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