Veterinary Assistants

Alisha Hollingsworth, Vet Assistant/Practice Manager

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“Alisha, Oran, Sunshine and Minnie Mouse”

Alisha’s passion for animals started from the moment she was walking. Playing with her grandma’s dachshund and feeding the horses are some of her fondest childhood memories. Her first pet of her own was a miniature pinscher, she named Batman Jack, she took care of him when she was seven years old. By her sophomore year in high school, she was working at a boarding facility inside of a veterinary clinic. In her spare time, she would watch the doctors and technicians. This is when she realized she had an interest in veterinary medicine.

After high school, Alisha attended the Veterinary Assistant program at San Juan College. Alisha found that she learned best through hands on experience and gained most of her knowledge working with her mentor at Valley Veterinary Clinic in Farmington, NM.

Once Alisha met her Husband, Oran, she moved to Rapid City, SD. Here she started working at boarding facilities and finally found her dream job at TLC. Alisha says, “One of my favorite things about working at TLC is that when I get up in the morning, I am excited to go to work. To me that is one of the most important things in life.”





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