Dr. Christine Teets D.V.M. , Owner Veterinarian

Dr. Teets with her dog Prada. ' Best in Show' photo.
Dr. Teets and Prada “Best in Show” 2017

I grew up in Boulder, Colorado and decided at the wise age of 6 years old I wanted to become a veterinarian, and I brought everything home with a passion to take care of them!  Through my high school and early college years I persisted with my dream, even though many tried to discourage me because I was a girl – “become a nurse instead they said!”  Determination paid off and I was fortunate to attend veterinary school at CSU in Fort Collins, CO.  After starting with horses and a few years in practice, Rapid City became our home in 1988, and I have been a small animal pet veterinarian here since then.  I have served almost 30 years on the advisory board for the NAU veterinary technology program, and as the president for the SDVMA, in 2016-2017, during their 125th anniversary year. My license plate says DOG DOC.

My husband, Don, is a math professor at SDSM&T (School of Mines,) and we have been married since 1977 (we met in the 5th grade.)  We have one son, Ryan, who has spent a few of his summers working for me in the veterinary hospital.

When I am not busy at the hospital, my spare time has gone to the dogs……In the past I shared my life with Standard Schnauzers that I showed in conformation and obedience.  My precious kitty “Dazl Cat” has so far not given me permission to replace her – I am still looking.  I have currently downsized my pets to 3 Papillons. “Jon-Jon,” the cuddle muffin, is learning nose-work and scent discrimination, a fun challenge for the old man in the family.  Driven “Busy B” is my agility dog and we are both addicted to this fun sport and are hoping to find time to compete because she has great potential.  Miss “Prada,” the pretty girl, is being shown in conformation and training for agility.  If I have any time left over, I putter in the yard gardening and growing flowers for deer fodder!

As a veterinarian at TLC Pet Hospital in Rapid City, my life’s mission is to partner with you to keep your pets happy and healthy!  I love making a difference by solving problems and alleviating concerns for both pets and their families.  My goal is for all pet parents to have the fulfillment and joy in their hearts I have received from my own pets through the years.

At TLC Pet Hospital, we understand that your pet is an important member of your family.  My team and I want to give your pets the TLC they deserve every day.  We look forward to seeing you soon.

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