Comfort and Pain Control


At TLC Pet Hospital, we believe pain control and comfort management are essential to your pet’s health and well being.

Pain management is essential for a successful recovery process.  Pain inhibits healing, decreases the appetite, and leads to increased stress for the patient resulting in a prolonged recovery time.  Pain management and comfort helps improve the entire recovery process, whether from trauma and injury, illness, or surgery, because it reduces stress in the patient and increases their sense of well being.

We utilize several modalities to help us keep your pet’s pain at a manageable level.  We want to establish pain control, as quickly as possible, because the longer and more intense the pain response, the more difficult it is to establish and maintain adequate control.
– Surgical patients have pain medication administered prior to and during surgery, to help them awake from anesthesia, more comfortably and with less pain.
– Medications both oral and injectable can help with both analgesia (pain) and inflammation (swelling).
– Class IV Therapy Laser to treat surgical incisions and trauma sites.
– Massage therapy to improve circulation and muscle pain while maintaining flexibility and range of motion.
– Chiropractic care to help the body heal itself.

Signs you may see in a painful pet:
– Depression or reduced activity
– Reluctance to jump up
– Reluctance to lie down
– Getting up slowly or collapsing to lie down
– Walking with a stiff or abnormal gait
– Standing or sitting with an unusual posture
– Trembling +/- panting
– Inappropriate elimination or accidents in the house
– Whining, howling, whimpering, or excessive barking/meowing
– Unable to find a comfortable position
– Abnormal behavior either aggressive or submissive
– Excessive licking or chewing on themselves

Acute pain, can be very intense, but tends to disappear as the condition causing the pain is resolved.  Medical conditions like Pancreatitis, urinary tract disease, gastro-intestinal conditions, surgery, trauma, or other illness or injury can cause acute pain.

Chronic pain, when persistent and unresolved can be very stressful and debilitating for your pet.  The longer pain persists the more difficult it may be to establish good pain control management, early intervention helps us to alleviate pain more effectively.  Our goal is to determine the cause for your pet’s pain and to partner with you on a management plan to treat their pain. Our goal is to reduce the stress of living with chronic pain and to restore health and well being.