What is a Registered Veterinary Technician?
* Graduated from an accredited program in Veterinary Technology.
* Passed the VTNE (veterinary technology national exam).
* Licensed by the state.
* Maintains their license with continuing education.

Alyssa Wusstig, Technician

Tch Alyssa with family and 2 Corgis Chubs & Cheeks
Alyssa, family, Chubs & Cheeks

I was born in the Philippines and raised on the island of Guam where I developed a strong passion for helping animals.  I have been working with animals since 2009, first as a veterinary assistant, and then transitioning to a technician.  I started working with Dr. Teets in 2012, at Banfield, and made the transition with her to TLC Pet Hospital.

I have always wanted a Corgi and now I have 2 Pembroke Corgis, Chubs is 5 years old and Cheeks is 8 months.  My three year old daughter, is named Aura and she keeps me very busy.  In my spare time I enjoy being outdoors, spending time with friends, and working out.  During the school year I am currently working toward my nursing degree to become an RN.

In being a veterinary technician, my primary focus is to provide loving and compassionate care for you and your pets.  I enjoy coming to work and making a difference in the lives of animals.  As the saying goes, “Love what you do and you will never work a day in your life.”  Technicians truly save lives.


Megan Connors, Registered Technician

Tech Megan with her cat Butter, and 2 Labs Gunner and Gage.
Megan, Butter, Gage & Gunner

I’m Megan.   I have been working with Dr. Teets for the past 3 years.  I started at Banfield in January 2014 with her, then helped her move and start TLC Pet Hospital.  I am originally from Maryland, after high school I went to the Vet Tech Institute in Pittsburg , PA.  After graduation, my husband and I moved to Rapid City because my husband is stationed at Ellsworth AFB.

At home, other than my husband, I take care of three fur kids and one infant.  My oldest is Butter, a 5 year old tortoiseshell cat, she has been with me since school and I adopted her from the Vet Tech Institute.  My next kid was Gunner, a 4 year old black Labrador, he is definitely a mommy’s boy and loves to play fetch.  Gage is next, he’s a 2 year old yellow Labrador that loves everyone and loves to give hugs and lots of kisses.  Briar is the newest addition to our family and everyone is so happy to have our daughter here!

I have always wanted to help animals ever since I was a little girl.  I find that helping those that cannot help themselves gives me joy in life!  I love to get to know my patients and their parents. I care for all of them as if they were my own pets.  Education is a big part in taking good care of our pets so I always want to spent time I talking to pet owners about how to ensure they provide the best care for their beloved family member.  I love my job and all the pets I get to see and help along the way!


Heather Jenner, Registered Technician

Tech Heather with her Italian Spinonie: Riker, Kip,& Norton
Heather. Riker, Kip & Norton


After receiving my B.S. in History, I decided to go back to school to become a Veterinary Technician.  I graduated from NAU with my Associates Degree in Veterinary Technology in 2001.  I started working with Dr. Teets at All Cats-N-Dogs Hospital right out of vet tech school.  I worked at All Cats-N-Dogs for about 7 years and then made the decision to be a stay-at-home-mom to my 2 boys for the next 9 years.  Now that my kids are in school full days, as of early 2017, I’m back to work for Dr. Teets and TLC Pet Hospital.

My children keep me busy with their various school and sports activities.  I also enjoy training and showing my own dogs, showing dogs for friends when needed and teaching Puppy Kindergarten classes at Happy Tails Dog Training Center.  In 2014, I completed a course in Canine Massage through the Lang Institute of Canine Massage.  I was looking for something that would use my vet tech background and my enthusiasm of dog sports but also be flexible with my busy schedule.  Canine Massage fit the bill.

In addition to a husband and my 2 human boys, I have 3 Spinoni Italiani dogs (Kip, Norton, and Riker), 2 barn cats (Cheater and Fireball), a foster cockatiel (Rio), and a few chickens.

One of my favorite parts of being a vet tech is helping to make sure pets are healthy, happy members of families.  Watching them grow up from puppies and kittens to senior pets is a privilege.


Clyde Elwood II, Registered Technician

Clyde with Boo

I come from a family of farmers and ranchers.  I grew up in the Rapid City area participating in 4-H events that included raising rabbits and chickens.  Except for my time in the Marine Corps, I have always had animals in my life.  I think it would be fair to say that caring for and nurturing animals is where I feel most at home.

I worked for a short time as a kennel manager for a large dog breeder trying to figure out if raising dogs might be something I could do for a living.  While I enjoyed the work and interactions with the dogs, I felt like there was not enough attention being paid to their emotional development and individual needs. The owner provided a lot of her own veterinary care.  I decided  that if raising dogs was something worth pursuing, I should use my GI Bill to learn as much about proper development and care of them as possible.

With my passion for learning about animals, I entered the local Veterinary Technology program at NAU.  Once enrolled, there was a very unexpected twist in my plans! As I began to learn the science involved in Veterinary Medicine, I became completely engrossed in just how much there was to learn.  Breeding dogs became unimportant, and taking better care of the animals I had became priority.  This career has made me a better pet parent and I enjoy helping folks understand what proper care off the fur babies in their own lives means.


Erika Gerry, Technician

Erika, Bentley & Jacques

Hi there, my name is Erika.  I am a student veterinary technician about to graduate with my A.A.S. in Veterinary Technology from NAU.  I have worked with Dr. Teets, previously at Banfield, and now at TLC Pet Hospital and couldn’t be happier! I have a dachshund named Jacques and a Yorkie/Maltese named Bentley, that keep me busy when I am not at work or in school.  I love being able to live out my passion everyday and to serve our patients and clients as if they were my own family.